The City of Timmins is governed by an elected city council, comprising the mayor and eight councillors for five wards.

Municipal officials are elected for four-year terms, with the next municipal elections slated to occur on Oct. 22, 2018.

For the 2014-2018 term, the Timmins City Council consists of:

  • Steve Black, mayor
  • André Grzela, Ward 1 councillor
  • Walter Wawrzaszek, Ward 2 councillor
  • Joe Campbell, Ward 3 councillor
  • Pat Bamford, Ward 4 councillor
  • Andrew Marks, Ward 5 councillor
  • Michael J. J. Doody, Ward 5 councillor
  • Noella Rinaldo, Ward 5 councillor
  • Rick Dubeau, Ward 5 councillor

To learn more about the current City Council, as well as any related meeting dates, minutes, and webcasts, please click here.