Live in Timmins

The City of Timmins is a welcoming and safe community that offers every aspect of a balanced lifestyle. A vibrant, progressive and warm community, Timmins offers the ideal landscape for commerce, working, learning, and raising a family.

The city offers an urban-rural setting with a small town feel, where people are friendly, business is flourishing and there are plenty of essential services and modern amenities to offer a comfortable lifestyle. Rich in history and tradition, with a unique culture and identity, Timmins is an open community where people recognize the benefits of a mutually respectful, culturally and linguistically diverse community.

Timmins is made up of a diverse population. More than 50% of Timmins residents are fluently bilingual (English and French), a favourable rate in comparison to major bilingual cities in Canada including Montreal and Ottawa. Timmins hosts dozens of active cultural groups representing various European, Asian, and Aboriginal communities and is home to several cultural and tourist attractions including the Timmins Museum NEC.

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